This year at International Trade Live, we’ve decided to centre content topics around our overarching theme, Maximising potential: Opportunities and Optimisation. This is to reflect current trends and developments in the trade sector, from more frequent digitalisation in the sector, to a more automated supply chain, all to encourage a highly efficient and reliable trading system.

Current issues facing the sector span from the need to track and trace cargo, to supply chain instability and the increased demand for international exports. Discussing and addressing these factors is important, more than ever.

International Trade Live will be an opportunity to get involved in important discussions with industry, bringing industry professionals together to share insight and knowledge in looking towards the future of the industry.

We are interested in world practice, stories and case studies from thought leaders that will provide insight to our discussion topics.

We will be looking for submissions on the following. 

  • Air Cargo 

    • How does the Air Cargo industry deal with reliability issues?  
    • Ensuring tight security measures within Air Cargo  
    • Cool chain/high value goods
  • Shipping  

    • How is the Shipping industry meeting sustainability standards?  
    • The Amazon Effect’s impact on Shipping and how it’s adapting  
    • The increased adoption of digitalisation  
  • Road Freight  

    • How is Road Freight adapting to meet needs of customers? 
    • How to encourage skilled drivers into the industry 
    • Improving security and tackling crime in Road Freight 
  • Trade, Insurance and Law  

    • Changing regulations and laws within international trade  
    • Insuring goods and protecting them whilst on the move  
    • How are businesses branching to markets with higher risks? 
  • Technology 

    • Blockchain – what is it and how is it changing export and trade?  
    • The increasing use of robotics in warehousing 
    • The use of IoT and AI within supply chain and logistics 
  • Export and Trade Finance

    • Exporting to new markets
    • Alternative financing solutions and technologies
    • Risk and resilience in trade financing
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